Summer program by Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan - Explore Japan and Technology 2023

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Summer program by Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan - Explore Japan and Technology 2023


We are pleased to make an announcement of our summer program, Explore Japan and Technology. 

You will find more details from the link below.


Program Outline

The short intensive program at SIT, Explore Japan & Technology 2023 gives an opportunity to students from various countries to study and experience together in one of the cutting edge cities in the world, Tokyo.  
Through participating in the program, you are able to touch and learn some of Japanese well-developed technologies as well as the life in Japan.

Program period : Monday, July 10 - Friday, July 14, 2023 

Program Fee :  25,000 JPY per student
The program fee does NOT include some items such as Air Ticket, Accommodation, daily transportation , travel Insurance or other living/personal expenses and more.  
Payment due :  Friday May 12, 2023
Once  you confirm your participation, please make a payment via the online system, Flywire.  
How to make a payment via Flywire_2023

Cancel policy
As a general, there will be no refund once the payment is complete.

How to apply
Please apply from the application form:

Application deadline :  May 7, 2023

Who can apply?
Any students of SIT Partner universities (see SIT partner).   * Nomination from home university is required.
Students who have good English skills* (CEFR B2 equivalent or higher) * Program is conducted in English
Students who are physically and mentally healthy

*participants will be asked to fill out/submit some documents such as passport copy, portrait photo, Pledge after confirming the participation, medical check ups, so please be prepared.  Number of participants
10 to 40 students from all over the world.
* If the number of applicants does not meet the required number (10),  the program may be cancelled.  

Program Language  :   English

Where is the venue ?
The program is offered mainly at Toyosu Campus of SIT, located in the heart of Tokyo, Japan.
SIT has 2 campuses, Toyosu campus as the main campus and Omiya campus in Saitama prefecture.
Though the program is mainly held at Toyosu campus, you will have an opportunity to visit Omiya campus, the green campus, during the program.

The participants are responsible to find his/her accommodation during the program.
You may refer to the information >>  Accommodation information for short stay

It is a short term stay (less than 90 days) , so many countries are exempt from visa to enter Japan.
For those who need a short time stay visa, SIT provides necessary documents to apply for a visa.  

Important dates
Application deadline :  May 7, 2023
Notification of participation to the program : May 8, 2023
Payment deadline : May 12, 2023
Application Documents submission Deadline : May 12, 2023  
Program period : July 10 to July 14, 2023 




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