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Assoc. Prof. Le Hieu Hoc


Phone: +84-24 38681432



  • ’01 Nov – ’05 Feb

    University of Trento, Italy, Ph.D in Sociology and Social Research (specialized in Management Science)

    ’99 May - ’00 Apr

    Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand

    Master in Business Administration, Management of Technology

    ’98 Mar -  ’99 Apr

    Swiss AIT Vietnam Management Development Program, Ho Chi Minh City, Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

    ’94 Jun - ’96 Nov


    Hanoi Open University

    Graduate BA, English

    ’91 Sep - ’96 Jun

    Hanoi University of Civil Engineering,

    Graduate B.Sc., Construction Economics and Management

    ’89 Sep - ’91 Jun

    Thang Long High School

    High School Diploma



-       Quality Internal Auditor certificate issued by Vietnam Productivity Center.


  • April 2022 – Present

    Dean, School of Education, Hanoi University of Science and Technology


    June 2019 – March 2022

    Vice President, Phenikaa University (Vietnam)

    In charge of Student Affairs, Admission, Communication and Public Relations

    June 2019 – Sep. 2020

    Assocate Professor, Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics

    Phenikaa University

    In charge of restructuring the Faculty with new training programs, staff recruitment, accreditation and admission.

    May 2018-May 2019

    Associate Profesor, School of Economics and Management

    Hanoi University of Science and Technology

    Delivering courses on Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Total Quality Management, and Operations Management.

    Conducting research projects

    Sept. 2000 - May 2018

    Lecturer, School of Economics and Management

    Hanoi University of Science and Technology

    Instructing courses on Management, Quality Management (both in Vietnamese and in English), Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

    Supervising undergraduate and graduate students’ dissertations

    March 2017

    Staff Exchange at University of Trento (Italy)

    Delivering courses on Management, Corporate Social Responsibility to undergraduate and graduate students at Faculty of Economics

    Jan. 2013-Dec.2013

    Vice Dean, School of Economics and Management

    Hanoi University of Science and Technology

    Be responsible for International Cooperation and Research Activities



    Staff Exchange at Innsbruck University (Austria)

    Developing joint projects in education and research between School of Economics and Management (HUST) and School of Economics (Innsbruck University)

    Dec. 2013-May 2019

    Director of Center for Communication and Public Relations

    Hanoi University of Science and Technology

    Developing and implementing branding strategies in the alignment of HUST strategic development.

    May 2000-May 2001

    Program Officer at Asian Institute of Technology Center in Vietnam

    Developing and promoting Master degree programs in Environment Engineering and Civil Engineering at AITCV 

    Promoting and organizing short courses in Management Development, Rural Development, Training and Development Management etc. for executives and officials of both governmental and non-governmental organizations.

    Developing and reviewing training materials for short courses on effective management skills, managing customer services, and project monitoring and management.

    Jul. 1996-Feb. 1998

    Expert of Project Management Section, Vietnam National Construction & Engineering, Export-Import Corporation (CONSTREXIM)

    Responsible for making feasibility study, financial analysis, cost supervising, preparing document for tendering


    Activities involved:

    Teaching Assistant for AIT International Executive MBA in Vietnam.

    Working as teaching assistant for the EMBA course on Management of Technology in a Global Context and International Transfer of Technology.

    ’05 Oct

    Activities involved:

    Short-term Expert for Small Projects Funded by the Delegation of EC in Vietnam

    Responsible for assessing the administrative and compliance eligibility of tendered proposals.


    ’05 April – ’05 July

    Activities involved: 

    Local consultant, VWU-WI/Nuffic Project “Enhancing the Women’s Capacity”, funded by the Dutch government.

    Conducting training needs assessment with a one thousand sample size; developing BA program in Business Administration, reviewing training materials for short courses.

    Conducting training course on Business Plan Development for Mini-BBA program.

    ’01 Sep – ’02 Sept

    Activities involved:

    HUST Project team member

    Higher Education Project Funded by World Bank

    Supervising financial performance of the project, appraising tender projects, and reporting to the Board of Management.


    Lead Internal Auditor of ISO9000 system at AITCV

    Developing document system and auditing the implementation of ISO900 system.

    ’00 Nov – ’09 Jun

    Activities involved:

    Researcher and Member of consulting team of ISO9000 implementation in Sao Vang Rubber Company and Mien Nam Rubber Company

    Developing document system and auditing the implementation of ISO900 system




  • Leader of the research project on “Model of organizing class’s youth union as the university transformed to credit system”, funded by HUST in 2010.
  • Leader of the research project on “Developing SERVQUAL Model for assessing quality of mobile communication service”, funded by HUST in 2014.
  • Leader of the research project on “University – Industry Linkage in Technology Innovation and Transfer”, funded by MOET in 2014-2015.
  • Key member of the research project on “Developing KPI system for technological and engineerung universities in Vietnam”, funded by MOET in 2018-2020.
  • Key member of the research project on “Developing and Implementing service quality model in Vietnam’s service companies”, funded by the State in 2019-2021.
  • Key member of the research project on “Banlancing power for Vietnamese enterprises in Supplier-Buyer relationship with MNC”, funded by MOET in 2019-2020.
  • Leader of the research project on “Impacts of Dynamic Capabilities on business companies in Vietnam”, funded by NAFOSTED in 2021-2022.



  • Management, operations mangament, total quality management, research methodology in business studies, business ethics and corporate social responsibility, leading and managing the educational institutions, development of training programs for enterprises etc.



ISI/SSCI & SCopus Indexed Journals/Proceedings

·      Dao Trung Kien, Bui Anh Tuan, Doan Thi Thu Trang, Dao Ngoc Tien, Le Hieu Hoc, Le Thi Thu Ha “Impact of academic majors on entrepreneurial intentions of Vietnamese students: An extension of the theory of planned behavior”, Heliyon (accepted for publication)

·      T. Doan Thi Thu & H. Le Hieu (2020). Proposal to Promote the Entrepreneurship Intention of Engineering Students in Vietnam”. GMSARN International Journal 14. 104 - 110

·   Desalegn A. Gebrekidan, Le Hieu Hoc & Syeda-Masooda Mukhtar (2019) How Developed-Country Firms Make Standardization/Transfer and Adaptations Decisions in Relation to their Developing-Host-Country Operations? Journal of East-West Business, 25:2, 107-143, DOI:10.1080/10669868.2018.1524403

·      Le Hieu Hoc & Nguyen Duc Trong (2019). “University–Industry Linkages in Promoting Technology Transfer: A Study of Vietnamese Technical and Engineering Universities”. Journal of Science, Technology and Society, volume: 24 issue: 1, page(s): 73-100.

·   Pham Thi Bich Ngoc and Le Hieu Hoc (2017). "Determinants of Organizational Commitment: A Study on Teaching Staff at a Public University in Vietnam". Proceedings of the 30th International Business Information Management Association Conference (IBIMA), Madrid, Spain, November 8-9.

·   Hoc, Le Hieu; Abraha, Desalegn; Mukhtar, Syeda-Masooda (2013). ' Standardization and adaptation practices in internationalization of firm operations: A study of Italian firms in Vietnam', Proceedings of 22nd Annual World Business Congress, National Taipei University, Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan), June 25-29, 2013, pp. 135-142

·    Hoch, L-H & Abraha, D. (2011). Internationalization and its Impact on the Standardization vs Adaptation of a Firm’s Operations – The Case of Italian Firms in Vietnam, International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management (IJMTM), Vol. 4 No. 2, 178-220.

·  Le Hieu, Hoc and Truong, Quang (2010) 'Internationalization and its impacts on the standardization/adaptation mode of operations: a study of two Italian firms in Vietnam', Asia Pacific Business Review, 16: 1, 239 – 257.

In English

  • Doan Thi Thu Trang, Le Hieu Hoc, Dao Trung Kien (2019). Entrepreneurship intention and its antecedents: the case of engineering students in Vietnam. Proceedings of International Conference on Emerging Challenges: Management in the Digital Evolution No.46, 370-379.
  • Doan Thi Thu Trang and Le Hieu Hoc (2017). "Building up The Entrepreneurial Intent Construct Among Technical Students in Vietnam". Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development, pp. 7-18.
  • Trang Doan Thi Thu, Le Hieu Hoc and Kien Dao Trung (2016). "Proposed measuring model on the factors of Vietnamese student's entrepreneurship intetion", International Journal of of Scientific Research and Innovative Technology (IJSRIT), Vol. 3 No. 9; September. 
  • Nguyen Duc Trong and Le Hieu Hoc (2014). "A Framework for Evaluating the Collaboration Between University and Industry in Technology Transfer", Journal of Science and Technology, Vol.102.
  • Le Hieu Hoc and Luong Quang Minh (2013). “Measuring the Quality of ATM Service at the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), Hoa Binh Branch”, Proceedings of International Conference on Enterprise Challenges – Improving SME’s competitiveness (ICECH 2013), Hanoi, September 6, 2013.
  • Le Hieu Hoc, (2005). "Internationalization: A Study at two Italian Small joint ventures in Vietnam", Proceedings of the Third International Conference in Vietnam - Management Education for the 21st Century: Management
for The Knowledge Society, 
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, September 7 - 8, 2005, pp.46-75  
  • Hoc, L.H. (2005) “Transfer vs. Adaptation of production process: a small survey of European and U.S firms in Vietnam”, Proceedings of the 16th of POMS “OM Frontiers: Wind of Change”, Chicago, IL, April 29 - May 2, 2005.
  • Hoc, L. H., 2004. “Transfer vs. Adaptation: A study of two Italian firms and their production plants in Vietnam”, Proceedings of the 13th World Business Congress of IMDA, Maastricht, The Netherlands, July 14-18, pp.454-464. 
  • Hoc, L. H. and Zaninotto, E., 2004. “Internationalization: Experience of an Italian candy producer and its production plant in Vietnam”, Proceedings of The 2nd World Conference and 15th Annual POMS Conference, Cancun, Mexico, April 30 – May 03. 
  • Hoc, L.H, & Quang, T. X., 2001. “ISO9000 Implementation in Education and Training Institutions: A Practice at the Asian Institute of Technology Center In Vietnam (AITCV)”. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference in Vietnam - Management Education for the 21st Century - September 12-14
  • Hoc, L.H & Quang, T., 2000. “ISO9000 Implementation in Vietnam: A Case Study of Two Rubber Product Manufacturers”, Vietnam Challenges on the Path to Development. SAV/SOM Joint Publishing, Bangkok, pp. 211-233.

In Vietnamese (about 30 papers, which will be provided upon request)


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