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The Education Management field is indispensable in the context of modern education, aiming to train highly professional, high-quality human resources with a solid foundation of knowledge in education science and management, combined with digital skills, management methods, and modern quality measurement and evaluation techniques to meet internationalization requirements, and enhance the quality of education in the digital age.

With nearly 30 years of experience in training teachers and management staff for educational institutions nationwide, along with a team of highly qualified specialized lecturers, the Faculty of Education Science and Technology at Hanoi University of Science and Technology has always been at the forefront of applying technological advancements in management and teaching at schools. Since 2024, the Faculty has developed a program in Education Management with a modern approach to train high-quality human resources to meet the requirements of innovation and enhance the quality of the education sector.

20230409 CBO 8805

The Education Management program is designed to equip graduating students with:    

  1. A solid foundation of knowledge and expertise to meet the requirements of various positions in the field of educational management and quality assurance in education and training.
  2. Professional skills and personal qualities necessary for success in employment positions in the education management and training sector.
  3. Social skills required to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams and in international environments.
  4. Capacity to generate ideas, design, implement, and operate projects and research topics in the field of education management, quality assurance in education, and training.
  5. Ability for self-learning, applying knowledge, and updating new knowledge in related fields to solve specific problems in practice.
  6. Capacity to develop ideas, design, implement, and operate technology-rich courses or multimedia products for education and communication in an open education environment.

Highlights of the program:

  1. Students are selected to study in one of two specialized directions: Digital Education Management (application of information technology, data processing, and analysis in educational management) and Education Quality Management with modern methods of management, evaluation, and measurement of education quality.
  2. Students learn and participate in research projects with leading lecturers and scientists in the fields of Education Management, Information Technology, and Communication at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, providing opportunities to enhance knowledge and develop research skills, and to apply new innovations to education management as quickly as possible.
  3. Students gain experience and intern at state education management agencies, schools, and leading education enterprises/corporations in Vietnam. Specifically at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, students intern within the ecosystem including: Ta Quang Buu Secondary and High School - one of the leading schools among non-public schools in Hanoi; Hanoi College of Technology - a prestigious and quality institution among vocational colleges in Vietnam; Administrative units under Hanoi University of Science and Technology - typical units in quality management, administration, and digital transformation in Vietnamese educational institutions.

Graduates in Education Management can work in positions such as:

20230409 CBO 8545
  1. Administrative education management specialists, working in educational management agencies such as the Ministry of Education and Training, the General Department of Vocational Education, Departments of Education and Training at provincial/city levels, and district-level education centers.
  2. Cultural and educational specialists working in various levels of People's Committees and at cultural and educational training centers within communities.
  3. Specialists at education research centers and institutes.
  4. Researchers at education research centers and institutes.
  5. Specialists in administrative, financial, facilities management, admissions, communication, and digital transformation departments at educational institutions ranging from preschools to universities and colleges.
  6. Examination, quality assurance, and education inspection specialists, as well as human resources managers, at both public and private educational institutions and international education organizations.
    Curriculum development specialists, teaching methodology developers, and education assessment specialists.
  7. Database and information system developers ensuring quality assurance, quality assessment, and other research and management purposes.
  8. Specialists in building databases for ranking, benchmarking, accreditation, and quality assessment of educational institutions.
  9. Specialists in implementing commercial promotion programs, investment in education development, and education development policies at educational management agencies at all levels and at educational institutions.
  10. Continuing education to pursue a Master's degree in Education Management to become specialized educators in educational management working at training and capacity-building institutions.
  11. Admission Criteria - Admission Code - Combined Admission Evaluation


Admission methods     Admission Code             Combined Admission Evaluation
Talent admission

Admission Plan of Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Admission based on the results of the Cognitive Assessment Test
Admission based on the high school graduation exam scores in 2024
A00, A01, D01

Note (*): High school graduates in 2024 with an average GPA of 8.0 or above in cultural subjects (excluding Physical Education and National Defense Education) over the three academic years of grades 10, 11, and 12, and with an IELTS score of 6.0 or above, may apply for talent admission under Form 1.3 (Admission based on competency profile combined with interview).
Approach and Training Method:

1.    Students in the Education Management program experience modern teaching methods:

  • B-learning (blended learning).
  • Project-based learning.
  • Learning by Doing.

2.   Students choose one of two specialized orientations:

  • Digital Education Management: Marketing and Communication in digital education, Strategic education management in the digital age, Online education quality management, Management information systems, Educational digital transformation, Digital learning strategies, etc.
  • Education Quality Management: Education quality assessment, Introduction to university education ranking, Planning and designing measurement and evaluation, etc.

3.    In addition to theoretical knowledge, the training program is designed to ensure:
25% of training time allows students to work on projects/internships at schools, agencies, and training organizations.Various educational management agencies, public educational institutions, businesses, and international education organizations support students in internships, recruitment, and project participation:

  • Ministry of Education and Training.
  • Hanoi Department of Education and Training and other provincial Departments of Education.
  • Education Offices in Hai Ba Trung, Hoang Mai, Cau Giay districts, etc.
  • Departments and offices within Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
  • Hanoi College of Engineering.
  • Ta Quang Buu Secondary and High School.
  • Educational institutions in Hanoi and other localities.
  • Colleges and vocational schools.
  • Educational technology companies: Khoa Tri Co., Ltd.; Teky Technology Academy; CodeGym Joint Stock Company; Edulive Global Joint Stock Company; Liberal Technology Company; HR Companion Social Enterprise Joint Stock Company; Datality Lab Limited, etc.
  • And many other domestic and international educational organizations.

Transforming Education: Bridging Quality and Digital Innovation

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