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Messenger from the Dean 

Messenger from the Dean 


Dean Assoc. Prof Le Hieu Hoc

Messenger from the Dean 

Warmly welcome to School of Engineering Pedagogy, Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST). 

When we think about the future and the positive effects of teaching, research activities and community service on economic and social development, we cannot ignore the important roles of the university as well as its faculties and schools relating to the field of Education. Training teachers and educational experts that are highly qualified, dedicated and responsible will contribute greatly to the positive change of every country. 

With the mission to educate teachers of Industrial Engineering at high schools and lecturers and instructors of engineering at vocational and professional schools nationwide, in 1996, HUST established the Engineering Pedagogy Unit led by Rector Hoang Van Phong (who subsequently became the Member of the Central Committee, and the Minister of Science and Technology). He was in charge of studying prerequisites to prepare for the foundation of the Faculty of Engineering Pedagogy.  

On August 2nd 1997, The Faculty of Engineering Pedagogy (School of Engineering Pedagogy currently) was officially established in accordance with Decision no. 2469/QĐ-BGDĐT of the Ministry of Education and Training. At an early stage, the Faculty was constructed by highly qualified staff such as Assoc. Nguyen Hoa Toan (the first Dean), Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Lac, Assoc.Prof. Luong Duyen Binh, Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Trong Binh and others. After 14 years of establishment and development, with HUST’s implementation of the pilot model for university autonomy, the Faculty of Engineering Pedagogy became the School of Engineering Pedagogy on December 21, 2011. The year 2022 marks its 25th anniversary. 

School of Engineering Pedagogy involves two departments: department of Engineering Pedagogy and department of Educational Science and Technology, with the steady commitment to maintain the training quality and to continuously apply innovations to keep up with the development of modern world. At undergraduate level, School of Engineering Pedagogy offers Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Pedagogy, Electronics Engineering Pedagogy, Information Technology and Communication Engineering Pedagogy and Mechanics Engineering Pedagogy. At postgraduate level, the School provides Master and PhD degree programs regarding the field of Didactics and Teaching Methodology with 05 intensive orientations:  Didactics and Teaching Methodology in Electrical Engineering Pedagogy, Mechanics Engineering Pedagogy, Electronics Engineering Pedagogy, Information Technology and Communication Engineering Pedagogy and Professional and Technical Education Management.  

Since 2019, anticipating the trend of digital transformation in education, the School has started offering Bachelor of Educational Technology – and is the first unit in Vietnam to found this major. The undergraduates and graduates are prepared for careers including high school teachers, college and university lecturers, STEM design and teaching experts, administrators, educational leaders, experts in building and designing digital learning materials, analyzing the operation of educational institutions to create the basis for proposing digital transformation solutions, etc. Up to now, nearly 600 Bachelors of Engineering Pedagogy have been trained at the School. This is not to mention over 400 Masters and about 10 PhD students who have successfully defended their doctoral theses.  

In addition, the School is in charge of training and fostering pedagogical skills; providing training sessions according to professional title standards for officials and students inside and outside HUST, at the request of HUST and the needs of learners. The School also provides pedagogical training for internal trainers working for organizations, enterprises, etc. 

With the training motto that focuses on experience, students of School of Engineering Pedagogy are encouraged and facilitated to gain experience through early and intensive immersion in professional working environments, hence, to gain real-world experiences that deepen their understanding. School of Engineering Pedagogy aims to develop partnerships with schools, local authorities, and many other organizations, also strives to reach out to partners through centers, institutes, and professional educational institutions, etc. With these efforts, the School hopes to provide students with the most dynamic, responsive, and engaging experiences, while addressing the community’s needs. 

The School’s teaching staff are always dedicated, ready to enrich knowledge and constantly improve themselves in order to best transfer knowledge. Lecturers at School of Engineering Pedagogy always consider students’ goals achievement and successes as what they are responsible for. The responsibility and care for both undergraduates and postgraduates are features of people working in Education field in general, and lecturers of School of Engineering Pedagogy, HUST in particular.  

With that spirit, I cordially invite you to continue learning about the training program, enrollment methods, research orientation, human resources, and facilities of the School via this website. Hopefully, School of Engineering Pedagogy will be the right choice for young people who love education and technology and wish to contribute to the educational development in the digital era. We also hope to cooperate with businesses, organizations and alumni in developing and implementing training programs, supporting students and coordinating to study and solve scientific and social issues.  

Let’s construct the future generation with us!  

Best regards, 

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Hieu Hoc 



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